Year-End Fundraising: Tips for Non-Profits to Succeed on Every Channel
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Year-End Fundraising: Tips for Non-Profits to Succeed on Every Channel

It's time for your year-end campaign! Learn how to organically achieve success on all channels - and create strong relationships with your donors.

As the year draws closer, non-profit organisations are preparing for the most critical fundraising period. Year-end fundraising campaigns often bring a mix of stress and understandable uncertainty, as charities strive to meet their goals and KPIs before the clock strikes midnight on the 31st of December. In this blog post, we’re unveiling a comprehensive guide to help you surpass your fundraising targets during this vital year-end campaign. From leveraging the power of social media to mastering email outreach and every channel in between, prepare to explore a wealth of proven strategies and actionable tips that will propel your fundraising efforts to unprecedented success. 

Understanding the year-end fundraising opportunities

As days grow shorter and your favourite evening activities shift to a cosy sofa, warm blankets, and a steaming cup of brew in hand, with the scent of pumpkin spice lingering in the air, you can feel it: ‘tis the season! The season of giving. 

According to various studies, 96% of people donate to charity because they feel a sense of duty to give back to society. As we become more melancholic over the holiday season, more and more individuals are inspired to dedicate their time and money to noble causes. For non-profit organisations, this surge in generosity marks a fantastic opportunity. Year-end fundraising campaigns are the last opportunity for charities to strive and reach their yearly targets, often with limited budget and manpower. However, there are many organic strategies that your non-profit organisation can undertake and wait for fruitful results. Let’s take a look! 

Ideas for year-end fundraising campaigns on social media: convert followers with memorable campaigns

According to Zippia, at least 95 million photos and videos are uploaded every day to Instagram. Now, add all the publications created on other social media platforms. The competition is huge! And cutting through that social media noise is tricky–but not impossible. 

The key lies in recognising that social media platforms are more than just spaces for posts; they are hubs for dialogue and community-building, where staying connected and consistent with your message is crucial. Regular posts throughout the year generate trust and create an emotional connection within your community, required for converting followers into donors running a successful fundraising campaign. Besides, it’s a great foundation to prime your audience for your year-end giving. 

When it comes to running successful year-end fundraising campaigns for non-profits, converting social media followers is crucial. To make a lasting impact, it is important to create memorable campaigns that resonate with your audience. Here are some vital ideas for your year-end fundraising campaigns on social media:

  1. Focus on authentic storytelling – share compelling stories of individuals who have been positively impacted by your organisation's work and testimonials of how you’ve helped those in need. This helps create an emotional connection and encourages followers to get involved. 
  2. Leverage the power of interactive contentinteractive content performs 2x better than static content, generating more engagement within your community. Experiment with eye-catching images and videos to grab attention and make your campaign more shareable. 
  3. Tap into donor loyalty and trust – take a look at how Cancer Research UK strengthens donor loyalty and trust by demonstrating how vital they are to the organisation. The non-profit shared a compilation of images highlighting how much they’ve raised this year so far. Apart from thanking donors, you can encourage them to help you do more good by participating in your year-end campaign. cancer research impact image (1)

  4. Make it easy for your followers to donate – provide clear and convenient donation options through your social media channels and offer various payment options. Making this step easy is crucial for converting social media followers. Remember that your fundraising platform must be mobile-responsive since 78% of people access social media networks exclusively through mobile phones

Top tip: Don’t miss out on the opportunity to surprise and delight your social media followers. Remember that the holiday season is when we’re all bombarded with marketing communications and all the new chores that pop up around Christmas. Surprise your audience and delight them, and you may end up with new donors! 

Reach your fundraising year-end goals with email marketing campaigns

Do you boast a database with email addresses of previous and potential donors? Year-end fundraising is tricky but email marketing is one of the most effective tools that charities and non-profits can utilise when doing the last fundraising push of the year. 

With a well-crafted email campaign, you can reach a wide audience of potential donors and engage them in your cause. The advantage is that your audience already knows who you are since they previously donated to your cause or signed up for your newsletter. However, it's still important to keep a few tricks and tips in mind to make your email marketing efforts successful. 

  • Personalise your emails by addressing each recipient by their name. This simple gesture can go a long way in creating a sense of connection and demonstrating that you value their support. 
  • Segment your database and send out the correct message. Make sure you use different messaging for monthly donors, one-time donors, subscribers, and lapsed donors. This will create a stronger connection between the organisation and your audience, making it look like the message is specially crafted for each person receiving the email. You could try the following:
    • Monthly donors: “As one of our most loyal supporters…”
    • One-time donors: “Consider making an additional contribution today.”
    • Subscribers: “Your donation can make a difference.”
    • Lapsed donors: “Your last donation helped us achieve…”
  • Keep your emails concise and focused. Highlight the impact of the donations and the urgency of the year-end fundraising goal. Including compelling visuals and impactful storytelling can also help to capture the attention and emotions of your readers. 
  • Include a clear call-to-action in each email. Guide recipients on how they can contribute and emphasise the importance of their support. Ensure that you add various “donate” buttons throughout the content. For example, add a donate button under the main image, a link in the text, another donate button at the bottom of the text and one more “donate” link in the footer. 


Opt for telesales as part of your year-end campaign

While there are various effective strategies to consider, one method that should not be overlooked is utilising telesales. Telesales can be a powerful tool in reaching out to potential and existing donors, as it allows for direct and personalised communication. 

Ensure you have a well-trained and enthusiastic team of telesales representatives who can effectively convey your organisation's mission and year-end goals. It is crucial to provide them with comprehensive knowledge about your cause, as well as any specific fundraising initiatives. Additionally, make sure to develop a script that is both persuasive and informative, highlighting the impact that donor contributions can make. Remember, building a genuine connection with potential donors is key, so encourage your telesales team to actively listen and engage in meaningful conversations. 

Make sure you follow up with individuals who have shown interest or expressed willingness to donate. Opting for telesales as part of your year-end campaign can greatly increase your organisation's chances of ending the year on a high note and making a positive impact on those in need.

Incorporate direct mail into your year-end fundraising campaign

In the realm of year-end fundraising for charities and non-profit organisations, one often underestimated yet incredibly impactful strategy is direct mail. Despite the digital marketing domination, direct mail continues to resonate deeply with donors, especially the older demographics. Personalise your letters by addressing donors by name and tailoring the message to their past contributions to heighten the chances of a positive response. 

sales letter qr code example (1)

Incorporate a crystal-clear call-to-action and user-friendly instructions for making a donation. Apart from sending a paper payment slip, incorporate QR codes to your physical letters and offer various payment methods for making a donation, including direct debit. Optimising for recurring giving is a fantastic way to boost your fundraising efforts, even if converting into monthly payment methods isn’t part of your year-end campaign. 

Then, leverage the urgency of year-end by emphasising the contribution deadline. Who knows, you may end up establishing profound personal connections with donors and motivating them to create a meaningful impact. 

Thank donors as soon as they contribute

People should be celebrated as soon as they donate, especially if they’re new contributors! Automate “Thank you” emails that each supporter will receive right into their inbox. You can even throw in a little image that people can share on their social media channels after donating - this is a perfect way to create brand awareness and ambassadors for your charity. 


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