Welcome Selena, Our New Marketing Manager
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Welcome Selena, Our New Marketing Manager

Get to know Selena, our marketing manager with impressive experience and passion for strategy. She's joined Waytobill to help us make our dreams a reality.

Let’s give a warm welcome to our marketing manager Selena - the core member of the marketing team with a passion for strategy and analytics and years of experience helping her craft the strategic vision and goals for Waytobill. 


What sparked your passion for strategy and what makes it your field of expertise?

My strategy journey began years ago! To be precise, it all started in a SaaS company in which we took care of all the content and marketing campaigns that you can think of. We set up the newsletter, created a quality website and looked for ways to position it in search engines... We were launching inbound marketing initiatives before this concept even existed! 


What did you do before joining Waytobill?

After graduating with a telecommunications degree I followed the digital marketing path and I’ve been on it ever since. I was always more attracted to people rather than computers and that’s probably why I’ve become a marketer and not an engineer. I’ve worked in the SaaS industry, the real estate market and in sports too. However, as I’m more comfortable on the tech side of things, I’m really happy to be once again involved in a creative SaaS project. 


Why did you choose to join Waytobill?

Just looking at the job offer, I was charmed by the company values and how the 100% remote policy and flexibility are seen as something normal, while most companies are still sticking to old models. I also loved the fact that Waytobill was directly involved with charities; it’s exciting to be part of a company that helps make the world a better place. But then during the selection process, I got really into the idea behind the project. At that moment, the company was looking to put together a marketing team from scratch, which was a challenge that really appealed to me. Besides, Waytobill is at a very exciting stage, with so many projects beginning to bloom and things happening. I honestly think I joined the team at the perfect moment. 


What’s your vision for the future of Waytobill?

I believe that Waytobill has all the necessary tools to become a market leader in the subscription field. We are building an amazing team of professionals and we’re constantly learning about different market segments, which will enable us to help merchants simplify their subscription-based businesses. 

Where could we find you outside of work?

It’s very likely that you’d find me in a coffee shop, probably on a nice outside terrace enjoying the sun, while sipping on my favourite coffee and making plans for the next holiday or weekend getaway. 

Tell us something we’d never guess about you.

I like classic rock! I love putting ACDC and LEdzeppeling on in the car at maximum volume… When the kids aren’t there, of course! 


Would you like to find out more about Waytobill? Make sure to contact us for all the information you might need. 

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