Waytobill Integrates with VCC Live to Streamline Telesales Processes

Waytobill Integrates with VCC Live to Streamline Telesales Processes

Waytobill has integrated with VCC Live, a leading provider of high-quality business solutions for telesales. Learn how clients can now streamline payments.

Waytobill, a subscription payment service provider, has announced a new partnership with VCC Live, a fully customisable cloud contact centre software for handling inbound and outbound communications. The integration streamlines processes for telesales agents and converts more prospects into customers directly on the call. 

By integrating Waytobill’s Digital Autogiro (direct debit) solution with VCC Live’s dialer system, telesales agents can easily increase the number of closed sales. It’s common for telesales agents to lose between 50 and 80% of deals after the prospect has agreed to purchase. This is mainly due to complex payment processes that Waytobill simplifies, taking it even further with the integration with VCC Live. The integration allows agents to initiate the direct debit process during the call by sending a checkout link directly to the customer’s phone, pre-filled with their information pulled from the telesales system. This eliminates the need for customers to fill out paper or web forms, which can lead to errors and high churn rates, especially when entering bank account numbers. Waytobill’s plugin integrated into VCC Live’s dialer significantly reduces the time and effort required to close a sale, resulting in increased business conversion rates and revenue.

“We’re thrilled to partner with VCC Live and offer our Digital Autogiro solution to their clients”, said Magnus Bendelin, CEO of Waytobill. “Waytobill offers a digitalised solution that enables telesales agents to create autogiro mandates directly from their preferred telesales systems, turning leads into clients instantly at the point of sales.”

"We’re pleased to bring Waytobill’s digital autogiro solution to a wide spectrum of our customer base”,

said Pawel Piejko, Head of Marketing at VCC Live. “This integration will help automate their payment processes, reduce the risk of late payments, and offer a more convenient payment option for their customers.”

Digital Autogiro is a Swedish equivalent of direct debit payments. The new integration enables businesses to streamline their telesales processes and improve their bottom line by increasing conversion rates. Agents can process payments directly from a dialer system they already know, which reduces training costs. Clients confirm the mandate by securely signing in to their Bank ID. Additionally, direct debit increases the customer's lifetime value as recurring payments don’t require additional action from the customer. 

The integration is available now and can be accessed by contacting Waytobill. You can also find out more about the partnership by accessing our VCC Live integration page

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