Meet the Waytobill Team: Welcome Christian, Our New Head of Sales
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Meet the Waytobill Team: Welcome Christian, Our New Head of Sales

Our Waytobill team has a new member! Take a moment to meet Christian Ivarsson, the new Head of Sales and learn more about his experience and hobbies.

The unwritten tradition at Waytobill is that all new team members give us a short interview. Apart from introducing themselves to you, our audience, they also share interesting facts about their lives with us, their new colleagues. And so, today we'd like to introduce you to our new Head of Sales, Christian Ivarsson.


What is your position at Waytobill and how did you get into sales, what sparked your interest or passion?

At Waytobill, I'm the new Head of Sales. I have always had the drive to do business and see results, so sales have always been the natural direction for me. Apart from the first 1,5 years after graduating, I have always worked within sales or sales management. 


What did you do before joining Waytobill?

I spent 7,5 years at BMW Financial Services in Stockholm, mostly working within the Used Cars segment. The last 6 months I have spent with the family, more specifically our third child Nikki who turned 1 last month. Prior to BMW I was in the SaaS world and have also worked with tobacco, energy, toys and mobile apps. So a little of a lot of things.


Why did you choose to join Waytobill?

The team is truly amazing and so is the product. After 7,5 years in a huge organisation, I was very eager to come out to the real world again, as I call it - working in startups/scaleups. The chance of working remotely with dedicated colleagues and a great product is just what I was looking for.


Where could we find you outside of work?

Three children take their time but I spend a lot of time in the kitchen and out in nature. I also enjoy sports such as padel, tennis, golf, skiing and some occasional water sports when given the chance.


Tell us something we’d never guess about you.

I think I might be fairly predictable, to be honest, but I need to call in a carpenter to hang a painting on the wall, “my thumb is in the middle of my hand” as we say in Sweden :-)


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