Waytobill and 21grams at Giva Sverige
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Waytobill and 21grams at Giva Sverige's Insamlingsforum 2023

Magnus Bendelin and Christian Ivarsson had the privilege of attending Insamlingsforum 2023. Find out all about the event and our team's experience!

March 2023 brought us the fantastic honour of attending Giva Sverige’s Insamlingsforum 2023, which is the largest fundraising and giving conference in the Nordic region, addressing current innovation and leadership issues, and providing strategic and operational tips and tricks for fundraising and efficient communication. The event took place over two days (the 15 and 16th of March) at the Sergel Hub in Stockholm. Our CEO, Magnus Bendelin, and Head of Sales, Christian Ivarsson had the privilege of gaining valuable insights and knowledge shared at the Insamlingsforum

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The conference was full of informative seminars and valuable networking opportunities. Christian Ivarsson described the event as a “great opportunity to make real-life connections with existing partners, especially with 21grams”. The greatest aspect of the event was that it wasn’t sales-focused but rather concentrated on networking, connecting, and maximising relationships. It was an excellent event for non-profit organisations and suppliers to meet colleagues from the business and learn from their experiences.

“We are very grateful to 21grams for inviting us to the event and having us at their stand. Together we had the opportunity to show how our combined solutions can help non-profit organisations do more good by securing more financial supporters”, Magnus Bendelin.

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“21grams printed 400 letters with QR codes which were the real-life example of how QR codes can revolutionise sales letters”, pointed out Christian. 

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Waytobill's QR codes printed on paper sales letters lead to a personalised checkout, pre-filled with the donor's data. By scanning the code, the prospect can sign the agreement and confirm their donation just in a few simple clicks. 

One of the main takeaways from the conference was the importance of fundraising in today’s challenging times for charities. The keynote speaker Katinka Lindholm highlighted that some people inside non-profit organisations view fundraising as an unsightly activity. However, fundraising is the main action that enables charities to continue working on their projects and missions. It was emphasised that NGOs should prioritise fundraising over branding activities as through successful fundraising charities get to build the brand. 

With that thought in mind, Swedish non-profit organisations and charities have high hopes for 2023 in terms of fundraising. With the current economic climate, Giva Sverige’s recent research found that 80% of organisations believe in unchanged or increased giving from companies, while 70% believe in the same scenario for contributions from the public. 

Giva Sverige’s Insamlingsforum 2023 was a valuable experience for our company’s representatives. We learned a great deal from the seminar and made valuable connections with partners and potential clients in the industry. We are grateful to 21grams for inviting us to be part of their presentation and look forward to attending Insamlingsforum 2024 and other events where we can network with like-minded people from the non-profit sector. 


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