CRM Integrations - Take Control of Payments with Waytobill

CRM Integrations - Take Control of Payments with Waytobill's Plugin

Looking for an efficient way to manage payments? Discover Waytobill's CRM integrations and learn how to improve results with real-time payment monitoring.

As you may be aware by now, Waytobill provides recurring payment solutions for subscription businesses, organisations, and charities which can be used across different sales channels (telesales, online, in-field sales). In order to maximise your business’ potential and increase conversion and retention rates, we continuously add new features and outbound call dialer integrations so that our product can be accessed by more companies. But this time we’ve taken it a step further! Apart from being integrated with some of the most popular telesales systems, we’ve now added a new type of integration to our portfolio: CRM integrations

What are CRM systems?

Companies and organisations handle vast amounts of customer data, including demographics, contact information, behaviour, lifecycle, purchase history, preferences and interactions with marketing and email campaigns. When managed effectively, this data can be of great value to the organisation and the customer. Companies can better predict which campaigns are likely to convert specific customers, while customers receive a more personalised and unique experience, that influences their satisfaction. 

Data management can be a challenging task, but it becomes much easier when companies utilise the right tools, such as CRM systems. Customer Relationship Management systems enable companies to organise and integrate data and use it to make well-informed decisions that empower the organisations’ potential and maximise success. Additionally, CRM systems are commonly used by sales agents for better data management, particularly in identifying leads and increasing cross-selling or upselling opportunities. In some cases, customer relationship management systems are also used for monitoring payment processes and giving managers and agents the ability to view real-time payment information directly from their CRMs. 

What is a CRM integration with a payment system?

CRM integration with a payment system refers to the seamless integration of a payment processing system with customer relationship management software, providing companies with new ways of managing customer lifetime value. This integration allows businesses to accept and manage payments directly within their CRM platforms, eliminating the need for separate payment processing systems or manual payment tracking. By integrating a payment plugin with a CRM, businesses can streamline payment processes by accepting payments from customers, automating payment tracking, manage payment data seamlessly and gaining a consolidated view of their customer interactions and payment history in one place. 


“Together with Waytobill, CRM systems can register members and update payment status in real time, allowing organisations to manage subscriptions effectively and with ease.”

Alejandro Pino, CTO at Waytobill


Thanks to the new integration with Waytobilll, CRM systems can also be used to send payment links and monitor payment status in real time, further enhancing the capabilities of CRM systems in managing customer relationships and payments efficiently. 

Waytobill integrates with CRMs in three different ways:

  • Telesales checkout: a sales agent accesses a customer’s information and sends a payment link to the customer’s mobile phone directly from the CRM. The checkout can be pre-filled with the customer’s data available in the CRM for quicker order completion and user convenience. Then, the agent can monitor the order status in real time, pursue unpaid orders, or track cancellations and follow up on them. 


  • Online checkout: a user who makes a purchase or signs up for a subscription or recurring donation is redirected to an online checkout page where they fill in their information, choose a payment method, and complete the order. Order details, including payment information, are automatically sent to the organisation’s CRM.

  • Physical sales checkout: a customer scans a QR code printed on flyers, invoices, or posters, or displayed on a fundraiser’s tablet and gets redirected to the online checkout flow described in the previous point. 

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Waytobill’s CRM integrations

Now is the time to take a look at all the CRM systems Waytobill is integrated with:



Winorg is a Norwegian technology company that delivers a cloud-based and standardised industry platform focusing exclusively on helping Nordic non-governmental organisations succeed. The software covers a wide range of organisational activities, including effective communication with members and donors and providing a range of payment solutions. The CRM is easy to manage, can be used with minimal or no training and can be accessed on mobile, tablet or desktop. Find out more about the Waytobill integration with Winorg.

Payments are one of the most challenging aspects of organisation management in the NGO sector. With Waytobill, we can streamline payment processes and provide our clients with a unified payment tool that caters to the varying needs of different Nordic countries.”

Kim Roger Elverhoy, Marketing and Sales Manager at Winorg



Upright is a Swedish provider of cloud-based CRM solutions accessible via browser on mobile, tablet or computer, managing over one million members. The Upright CRM is developed for organisations with both simple and complex organisational structures and can be easily configured according to the organisation’s unique needs. Find out more about the Waytobill integration with Upright.


Can’t see your CRM on the list? Make sure to contact us because we might be already working on integrating with your preferred system. And in any other case, we can make it happen!

What are the benefits of integrating your CRM with the Waytobill payment plugin?

Synchronising your customers’ payment information with your CRM can bring many advantages to your team and organisation. Apart from having a full overview of all the order statuses and payments, you also get to increase conversion and retention rates as you can follow up on unpaid orders and therefore reduce churn rate. However, there are other benefits of integrating your CRM with Waytobill worth mentioning:

1. Streamlined payment processes: by integrating Waytobill’s payment plugin with their CRM, companies can streamline their payment processes. They can accept payments directly from their CRM platforms, eliminating the need for separate payment processing systems or manual payment tracking. This integration allows for a seamless payment experience for customers, improving customer satisfaction and reducing payment processing time for the company. 

2. Increased efficiency and accuracy: by having real-time payment information available in the CRM, companies reduce manual errors and increase overall efficiency. With real-time payment information available directly within their CRM system, companies can track payment status, view payment history, and reconcile payments, ensuring accurate and up-to-date financial records.

3. Improved customer lifetime value: Waytobill’s payment plugin enables companies to easily sign customers up for recurring payment methods, for example, Digital Autogirothe Swedish equivalent of direct debit. This allows organisations to set and manage recurring payments from customers in a convenient and automated manner, improving cash flow and reducing the need for manual payment reminders and follow-ups. Besides, recurring payments require no additional action from the customer which means that they often stay signed up for longer. 

4. Enhanced Customer Relationship Management: integrating Waytobill’s payment plugin with CRM systems provides a consolidated view of customer interactions and payment history in one place. This allows for a holistic view of customer interactions, including payments made, outstanding balances, and payment history, helping them make informed decisions and provide better customer service. 


We hope that you now have a better understanding of the importance of payment information available in your CRM. Such information can enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of payment processes, improve customer experience, and enable businesses to have better visibility and control over their payment transactions. 


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