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Yohrs & Waytobill - A Lifetime Solution.

Find out everything about Yohrs and how Waytobill is helping to grow this new business by the hand of their co-founder Christoffer Motéus.

Life is about making choices. And when it comes to your career options those decisions can become crucial. So, have you ever wondered how easy life would be if you would have your best friend actually helping you out? If you had a partner who could help you make the most informed decisions? Well, now you can stop wondering about it because Yohrs is here to solve your problems hand in hand with Waytobill.

This partnership furthers Yohrs' vision to develop today’s workforce and increase transparency in the job market, helping people to reach their full potential in their career sector.

Yohrs has entered the market as a new player who distinguishes from other consultancies with their tailor-made and individual approach that will mould to your specific situation and needs. With a fresh view and the rich experience in the HR sector of its founders, Yohrs is expected to become a key stakeholder in improving the job market sector. “ "When it comes to people in the Swedish job market there is not many actors. If you need support or if you want to have income insurance that is worth the price, there is a lack of variety. What we wanted to do is to create a new segment in the job market. A company where people who are interested in having information about the job market, who want advice but they also want good insurance coverage can go to. And that became Yohrs.” said Christoffer Motéus, co-founder of Yohrs.

Waytobill’s flexible payment options and seamless checkout solution are key features in incrementing Yohrs conversion rate; “I believe that with Waytobill we’ll increase our conversion rate since it’s going to be easy to receive payments. And we’re excited to try out the autogiro solution. It’s going to be interesting to see which payment methods people choose” said Motéus.

Waytobill’s personalised approach, friendliness and innovativeness have been decisive factors for Yohrs' partnership; “Your solution is more flexible and we can adjust the platform and technology much easier by working with you”.

Yohrs is taking their first steps in this new market and they're ready to implement their vision of becoming a key player in transforming education and training, along with helping people to stay up to date and employable. Their expertise and freshness in connection to Waytobill’s seamless payment solution are only some of the features required for becoming the number one player for individuals who seek a career of their choice. And as always, Waytobill will be there to help.

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