What are Subscription Business Models? Strategies & Payment Solutions

What are Subscription Business Models? Strategies & Payment Solutions

Discover how effective strategies, seamless payment solutions, and churn reduction techniques can drive your subscription-based business to new heights.

Subscription-based businesses have emerged as powerhouses in today's economy, reshaping industries and consumer habits. They offer a win-win scenario, providing customers with convenience and businesses with recurring revenue. Yet, the true engine behind their success lies in the seamless payment solutions that make these models possible, profitable, and convenient. 

In this article, we explore the dynamic world of subscription businesses and unveil the critical role payment solutions play in their triumph. Whether you're a business owner or simply intrigued by the evolution of commerce, prepare to be captivated by the subscription revolution.

Understanding subscription business models

Over the recent years, subscription services and products have gained well-deserved traction and continue to increase their market share. Businesses that decided to tap into the subscription business model trend are becoming more relevant day by day due to their significant relevance and convenience. For instance, contact lens users can choose to have their monthly lens packs delivered right to their doorstep, while others choose to sign up for meal plans. However, subscriptions have especially won consumers’ hearts in the streaming industry. Just think about it… Who doesn’t have Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime or Disney+ (or all four at the same time) subscriptions? 

So what is a subscription business model?

A subscription business model refers to a commercial approach where customers pay a recurring fee at regular intervals, typically monthly, quarterly, or annually, to access a product or service and maintain access to the product or service for as long as they continue their subscription. Subscription payments are typically withdrawn in advance and have gained significant popularity due to their ability to generate predictable and recurring revenue

Benefits of subscription models for customers:

  • Cost predictability: Customers know the exact cost of the subscription each billing cycle. This eliminates surprises and helps with financial planning. Many customers also prefer to pay a smaller fixed monthly amount rather than a lump sum payment for a whole year. 
  • Convenience: Subscription services provide convenience through automatic renewals, deliveries, or access to products or content, reducing the need for customers to make repetitive purchases. 
  • Updates and improvements: Subscribers typically benefit from regular updates and improvements to the product or service, gaining access to the latest features and enhancements.
  • Cost savings: While it’s typical for monthly streaming subscriptions to be more costly than annual subscriptions, some businesses offer cost savings compared to purchasing individual items or services separately. This is particularly popular with contact lens subscriptions.
  • Flexibility: Most subscription models allow customers to upgrade, downgrade, or cancel their subscriptions easily, adapting to their evolving needs.

Benefits of subscription models for businesses:

  • Recurring revenue: Subscription models provide a steady, predictable stream of revenue, which is easier to manage and plan around than one-time sales. Organisations can count on a regular income rather than random cash influxes.  
  • Customer retention: Subscription-based businesses generate more revenue since they prioritise customer retention. Customers who pay the annual price spread over twelve months are likely to stay subscribed for longer since the monthly financial commitment doesn't impact their financial situation much. Long-term subscribers bring businesses more profits than one-time purchases. 
  • Reduced customer acquisition costs: Customer acquisition is more expensive than retention. However, subscription models reduce the need for constant marketing and sales efforts and tailor their offerings.
  • Continuous engagement: Subscription models keep customers engaged over the long term, fostering a sense of loyalty and tapping into customer trust. This reduces the likelihood of them cancelling their subscriptions or switching to competitors. 
  • Cross-selling and upselling: Subscription businesses can cross-sell or upsell additional products or services to existing subscribers, increasing their average revenue per user. 

Key components of successful subscription businesses

Successful subscription businesses share several vital components contributing to their effectiveness and sustainability.


1. Enhancing customer acquisition, retention, and win-back strategies

Implementing effective marketing and sales strategies to attract and retain subscribers is crucial for any subscription business and its success. A very popular, and equally effective method approach involves offering time-limited subscription pricing options or special rates for the initial three, six, or twelve months. Additionally, free trials, discounts, and exclusive content access have proven to be highly successful in attracting and retaining subscribers. 

Another strategy that has proven to drive success is targeted marketing. If you’re looking to reach the right audience be sure to look into your metrics and analytics. By gaining insights into customer behaviour and the preferences of your target demographic, you can craft more compelling offers and content. This data-driven approach not only enhances your current offerings but also allows you to anticipate your audience’s needs, desires, and future actions, further fortifying your subscription business growth and success. 

Lapsed subscribers cannot be avoided. Every subscription business has to deal with cancelled subscriptions. But before you accept the fact that a customer decided to opt out of your offer, get on top of your win-back strategy. Reach them with targeted offers, incentives, and content that has been introduced since their departure. 

Personalise your communication to address the specific reasons for cancellation, whether it was price sensitivity, lack of engagement, or other concerns, and demonstrate that you value the subscriber's feedback and are committed to addressing their needs. You can, for example, offer a special price if the subscriber comes back within 14 days of receiving the message. 

However, if your win-back strategy didn't work this time, stay top-of-mind with all lapsed subscribers but make sure you're not intrusive! Informative newsletters, product updates, and content that align with the subscriber's interests gradually rebuild trust and engagement and drive them back. 


2. Unique pricing model of subscription businesses

One of the key features that sets subscription businesses apart is their innovative pricing model and the popular Pay As You Go approach. These pricing strategies give customers the flexibility to discontinue their subscription at any moment, simply by cancelling the upcoming payment, consequently losing access to the content, product, or service. However, an interesting phenomenon arises from this structure; many subscribers opt to maintain their subscriptions for extended periods because of the attractiveness of the monthly subscription fees, which tend to be more budget-friendly than options offering unlimited or annual access. For example, numerous subscribers choose to remain enrolled to preserve the special offer that initially attracted them.

Periodically reviewing your pricing and benefits offered will help you stay competitive and relevant and all times. Subscribers are likely to cancel their subscriptions if they view your offer as expensive when compared to alternatives offered by your competitors. 


3. Content and service quality and the success of subscription-based businesses

Whether it's streaming the latest blockbusters, accessing software tools, or enjoying culinary experiences, the quality of what’s delivered directly impacts customer satisfaction and therefore their retention. A low-quality product, content, service, or pricing that comes across as too high leads to cancelled subscriptions. So if you want to enhance customer retention and become a benchmark in your industry, it’s important to deliver the highest quality possible

A crucial metric that underscores the importance of content and service quality is customer satisfaction itself. If subscribers feel genuinely satisfied with their experience, they’re more likely to remain loyal and continue their subscription, helping you increase conversion rates. However, if your subscribers are not happy with the quality of your service or pricing, you may see your churn rates spiking. Therefore, listening to customer feedback, investing in refining offerings, and innovating to exceed customer expectations are key to the success of your subscription-based business.


4. Payment solutions for subscription businesses

Subscription businesses thrive because of the convenience they provide customers with but payment solutions cannot be overstated. With seamless and recurring payment transactions subscription businesses ensure peace of mind while customers have ongoing access to the product or service they’re subscribed to, without having to manually make monthly payments. However, managing payments in the subscription ecosystem presents its own set of challenges. Billing accuracy, handling subscription cancellations, managing failed payments, and ensuring data security are just a few of the complexities subscription businesses must navigate.  

At Waytobill, we understand the unique needs and demands of subscription models, and our specialised payment solutions are engineered to address them effectively. 

Waytobill’s payment platform is designed to provide unparalleled reliability and security, guaranteeing that subscription billing operates without a hitch for either side. Our recurring payment solutions enable businesses to manage subscriber accounts, ensuring a frictionless experience for both customers and businesses and therefore leading to higher conversion and retention rates.

With Waytobill’s Digital Autogiro and AvtaleGiro you can take your subscription business to the next level, eliminating the need for manual processes and providing ease of mind to customers who no longer need to manually make monthly payments. 


Churn rate in subscription businesses: strategies for retention and customer lifetime value

In the subscription business model, the churn rate stands as a critical metric, reflecting the percentage of subscribers who choose to cancel their subscriptions within a given period of time. A high churn rate can be an alarming sign as it directly impacts your revenue. Luckily, there are several strategies you can use to minimise churn and concurrently increase customer lifetime value

Start by understanding the root causes of the increase in churn. Analyse customer feedback and look for patterns and pain points that drive subscribers away. By identifying the cause of increased churn, you will be able to proactively address issues, improve offerings, and deliver a more satisfying customer experience. Then, take personalisation into account. Tailored content and recommendations based on individual subscriber preferences create a strong bond and encourage ongoing engagement. Besides, providing special content, loyalty rewards, or discounts can incentivise subscribers to stick around for longer and explore additional perks and offerings.

Be sure to implement data-driven customer segmentation and categorise subscribers based on their behaviour, usage patterns, and preferences. This will help you craft targeted communication and marketing campaigns that better resonate with each segment, ultimately reducing churn. 

As you can see by now, the subscription model benefits businesses by creating a more predictable revenue stream, fostering customer loyalty, and allowing for continuous improvement based on customer feedback. But let’s not forget how it also benefits customers by providing ongoing access to products and services without the need for large upfront payments! 

A well-planned subscription business has all the possibilities to thrive! All you have to do is strategise, provide high-quality products and services, and tap into customer loyalty with personalised offers and communications. And don’t forget about implementing recurring payment methods to minimise missed payments and involuntary churn.

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