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Looking for a seamless payment solution for your telesales system? Discover Waytobill's payment plugin integrated with the most important telesales systems.

By now, you may be familiar with Waytobill’s payment solutions for subscription-based businesses, charities, and membership organisations. Our recurring payment methods can help increase revenue by converting and retaining more customers. But did you know that Waytobill is also integrated with the six most popular telesales systems in the Nordics? In this blog post, we’ll explore these integrations and how they can help agents close deals during calls.


The Importance of Telesales Systems

Let’s start by going over the most important thing; telesales is a method of direct sales of a product or service over the phone. A telesales system, on the other hand, is a type of software used by telemarketing companies and call centres used to reach out to customers and make conversions with the aim of turning leads into sales.  

With outbound telemarketing software, sales agents can reach out to potential customers, introduce offers, and generate leads. Telesales systems typically include automated dialling, call routing, call recording, and call monitoring, as well as tools for managing customer information and tracking sales.

In addition to lead generation, telesales systems can also streamline payment collection processes and enhance customer experience. Telesales systems play a critical role in the payment industry as they provide a way for agents to collect payments over the phone and sign up customers for recurring monthly payments without the need for customers to share their payment information. This is particularly important for subscriptions and recurring monthly payments, which have become increasingly popular in recent years, driven partly by streaming platforms such as Netflix and HBO Max. For non-profit organisations, telesales can be a critical channel for reaching monthly donations. 

In the Nordics, direct debit remains a popular payment option, with autogiro leading the way in Sweden. Traditional autogiro mandates require lengthy paper or web forms that must be signed and submitted by the customer. Waytobill’s Digital Autogiro simplifies this process by replacing long forms with simple checkouts. 

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When a customer expresses their interest in the product, service, or donation, a telesales agent can send a checkout link directly to the customer’s phone. This speeds up the processes and eliminates the need for manual form-filling as the telesales system prefills all the necessary information by accessing customer data available in the system. The checkout summary includes all the purchase or donation details, and the customers can securely log in to their Bank ID app to sign the agreement. The customer can choose their bank account from a list and confirm the payment, making it easy to close sales during the call. Simple, right?


Waytobill’s telesales checkout

With Waytobill’s payment plugin, telesales systems become even more powerful as businesses can seamlessly accept payments over the phone and process them quickly and securely. Our solution enables organisations and businesses to sign customers up for recurring monthly payments, enhancing retention rates and improving customer lifetime value. Once a direct debit mandate is confirmed by a customer, they don’t need to take any further actions, which leads to customer satisfaction and increased revenue for the business. Our integration with different outbound telemarketing software also ensures that customer payment information is protected and compliant, reducing the risk of fraud and data breaches. 


Here’s a walkthrough of how our telesales plug-in works:

  1. The telesales agents initiate the checkout process from their dialer by sending a checkout link to the customer’s phone. The checkout is pre-filled with the customer’s information, such as name and contact details.
  2. The customer clicks on the checkout link and is redirected to a payment page with purchase or donation details. 
  3. The customer chooses their payment method, which can be an invoice, card, or direct debit.
  4. Waytobill’s payment gateway securely processes the payment in real-time, providing instant feedback to the sales agent and the customer.
  5. The telesales agent receives a payment confirmation.


Our telesales checkout solution is integrated with many telesales and CRM systems that agents are already familiar with. This means there is no need for additional training which makes Waytobill especially easy to start with.

Your Telesales System

Now is the time to take a look at all the telesales systems Waytobill is integrated with:



A scalable cloud-based contact centre for sales outreach and customer service with an aim of helping agents close more deals and provide great customer service. Leaddesk is the leader of telesales systems in the Nordics, processing 6 million calls per week executed by more than 20,000 agents. Find out more about our integration with Leaddesk



Adversus dialer software is a comprehensive sales platform with an intuitive user interface from which thousands of people around the world call every day, summing up to one million daily calls. Developed in Denmark, it’s now available in various languages across the globe. The web-based dialer is a solution for telemarketing and fundraising. Find out more about the integration with Adversus


AlphaPartner is Sweden’s full-service provider in telemarketing, delivering continuous monitoring and smooth contact list processing. Their vision is to simplify and improve everyday life for telemarketers at all levels. AlphaPartner is the telesales system used by the telemarketing agency providing services to our merchant Missing People. Find out more about our integration with AlphaPartner



Enreach is one of the leading European providers of unified communications and provides businesses with contact technology and integrated telecom services. With offices across Europe, Enreach was named one of the innovation leaders in the Frost Radar 2021 analysis. Find out more about our integration with Enreach.



SaleSys is a Swedish provider of sale systems for telemarketers. They help businesses reach up to 400% more new customers with predictive dialling. Find out more about our integration with SaleSys


VCC Live

Founded in Budapest, VCC Live is fully customisable with no user coding required cloud contact centre solution. They strive to provide a complete and high-quality solution for companies that communicate with their customer base via phone. Find out more about our integration with VCC Live or read the press release

Can’t see your telesales system in our existing integrations? Make sure to contact us! We might be already working on integrating with your outbound telemarketing software. And in any other case, we can make it happen! 

What are the benefits of using Waytobill’s payment plugin with telesales systems?

There is a variety of different benefits that come with using Waytobill’s payment plug-in with the most important ones being:

  • Faster payment processing: Telesales agents can collect payments in real-time or sign up clients for recurring payments while on the phone. This allows for a faster and more streamlined payment process. Apart from increasing the chances of closing sales, customer experience is also improved. 

  • Improved security: Waytobill’s checkout is designed with security in mind, ensuring that all payment information is encrypted and stored securely. This protects not only customers’ sensitive information but also the company’s reputation. 

  • Increased revenue: By allowing sales agents to collect payments directly on the call, our payment plugin can help businesses convert more prospective customers and boost retention rates. This leads to increased revenue and improved cash flow.

  • Reduced costs: Waytobill’s payment plugin can help businesses save money by reducing the need for manual payment processing and minimizing errors associated with payment collection. Additionally, all the process takes place in a telesales system that agents are familiar with, which reduces training costs. 

Do you want to get started with our payment plugin? Contact us and we will get you up and running in just a few days! Bear in mind that we continuously work on adding more integrations so if you can’t see your preferred telesales system in our integrations section just get in touch! 

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