Waytobill Finishes its Second Financial Round
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Waytobill Finishes its Second Financial Round

Waytobill closes its second financial round after great interest from investors. Learn about our investors and future goals.

In Waytobill we are celebrating! We are very excited to share with you that on the past 13th of October Waytobill finished its second financial round, and we couldn’t be happier with the results.

Waytobill is composed of many assets. Our unique product, strong vision, and fantastic team are essential pillars of who we are. But the core part that has made this possible is our investors' support. We want to take a moment to introduce you to them and explain how they're helping us take Waytobill and the telesales sector to the next level.

  • Polynom Investment AB has been essential for the growth of Waytobill since they have acted as lead investors in our company. As a fast-growing investment company, their goal is to mainly carry out investments that have a high return potential in relation to the risk and to make it possible for ordinary people to access special investments that they can rarely get on their own.

  • Nordic Opportunity is a newly created but rapidly growing venture fund which invests primarily in small Nordic and medium-sized unlisted companies with a unique offer and backed by driven entrepreneurs.

  • Almi Företagspartner AB has been a crucial actor in Waytobill’s first steps. Almi's mission is to create growth and renewal in the business community, financing companies in combination with consulting. By creating an environment where more innovative ideas can meet with successful commercialization they attempt to boost and promote the viability and improve competitiveness and growth in them. 

Besides the big venture funds, we have had the warm participation of over thirty private investors whose efforts from the beginning have been crucial for boosting the company’s capabilities.

As stated by our CEO and Co-founder Magnus Bendelin “Investors showed a great interest in being part of this opportunity”. The main objective of this financing round, which raised an estimated 3 million SEK, was to expand the sales team, scale up sales and bring Waytobill to a strong position to further our expansion into the Nordic market.

Thanks to the great interest of our investors, Waytobill is right on track to achieve the goal of break-even in two years, which will lead to an Initial Public Offering by 2023.

And even more, our team is already preparing the next investor round which would take place in spring 2022 and would target the Nordic expansion of Waytobill. Do you want to participate? Contact us!


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