Waytobill Expands to Finland: Easy Payments & Digital Agreement Signing

Waytobill Expands to Finland: Easy Payments & Digital Agreement Signing

Waytobill has successfully entered Finland! We now offer a digital agreement signing feature and easy payments to businesses operating in Finland.

We’re excited to share that we’re expanding our operations to Finland! This marks a significant milestone as we introduce our Finnish checkout solution and edge-cutting digital agreement signing feature, revolutionising the way businesses operate in Finland. 

The expansion marks a significant opportunity for businesses operating in or planning to enter the Finnish market, delivering a comprehensive solution for recurring payment billing. Organisations offering products, services, subscriptions, or donations can highly benefit from the new solution, as Waytobill caters to a wide range of sales channels, including telesales, field sales, and online sales. 

With Waytobill’s secure checkout, businesses and organisations can easily and efficiently operate in Finland, while our game-changing digital signing solution enables them to collect more binding agreements. The new feature is especially valuable and relevant for telemarketing agencies, legally bound to receive signed agreements before initiating payment withdrawals. According to Finnish law and regulations, telesales agents must deliver their offer in writing or in some other permanent form, for example, a digital agreement.

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Our data shows that telesales agents experience a significant loss of orders, ranging from 50% to 80% after customers express purchase commitment. With Waytobill’s digital agreement signing, organisations can now significantly reduce the number of lost orders. Agents can seamlessly offer customers Waytobill’s digital signing solution by sending the offer as a link directly to the customer’s smartphone. Digital agreement signing has been also designed to cater to online checkouts, as well as physical QR codes printed on posters, leaflets, letters, and other marketing resources. 

Thanks to using digital signatures in Waytobill checkouts, we are able to offer customers a seamless and secure experience when confirming agreements on all platforms and channels. In the current environment, it’s become even more important to prioritise customer security and protect them from deceptive practices”, says Justyna Ziolkowska, Waytobill’s Product Designer. 


Are you planning to expand your business to Finland? Are you looking for a seamless agreement signing and payment tool? Contact us today for more information!

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