Waytobill and Winorg Together Streamlining Processes for Organisations

Waytobill and Winorg Together Streamlining Processes for Organisations

Learn about the new strategic partnership between Waytobill and Winorg and discover how together we can streamline processes for organisations and NGOs.

At Waytobill, we're thrilled to announce a new strategic partnership with Winorg, a renowned Norwegian cloud-based system that empowers non-governmental organisations in the region. The collaboration aims to streamline daily operations and customer relationships for NGOs, offering a seamless experience for their users.

The integration of Waytobill's cutting-edge payment solution with Winorg’s CRM platform enables diverse associations and non-profits to efficiently manage essential processes such as payment monitoring, customer onboarding, and retention. By connecting Winorg with Waytobill, CRM specialists, telesales agents, and managers can now benefit from automated payment synchronisation with their preferred organisation system, enabling real-time payment updates without the need for additional tools.

The Nordic countries have a significant number of membership-based organisations and NGOs, with millions of people supporting charities or being part of member-only clubs. This strategic partnership between Waytobill and Winorg aims to address the growing demand for subscription payments and automated solutions for organisations that rely on monthly donations or fees.

“At Waytobill, we are dedicated to providing innovative and seamless payment solutions to organisations. Our collaboration with Winorg marks a significant step in revolutionizing payments for Nordic organisations, and we are proud to be part of this exciting journey,"

Magnus Bendelin CEO at Waytobill

Kim Roger Elverhøy, Sales and Marketing Manager at Winorg, commented: “Payments are one of the most challenging aspects of organisation management in the NGO sector. With Waytobill, we can streamline payment processes and provide our clients with a unified payment tool that caters to the varying needs of different Nordic countries.”

With Waytobill’s payment plugin now seamlessly integrated into Winorg’s systems, organisations can transform how they manage their payments and streamline daily operations, ensuring a seamless experience for both the organisation and its customers. Waytobill's Digital Autogiro offers an innovative solution to the challenges of subscription businesses, helping improve conversion rates and subscriber retention with a secure, transparent, and reliable checkout process.

Winorg’s solutions are at the forefront of many of Nordic’s leading organisations and cover a wide range of activities. Through this strategic partnership with Waytobill, Winorg aims to provide its clients with enhanced payment management capabilities to better serve their unique needs."


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