How Waytobill and Upright Simplify Payment Processes for Organisations

How Waytobill and Upright Simplify Payment Processes for Organisations

The integration between Waytobill and Upright allows organisations to collect and monitor payments in real-time by signing customers for Digital Autogiro.

At Waytobil, we’re constantly striving to provide seamless payment processes for non-profits, organisations, and businesses. We’re thrilled to announce our latest integration with Upright, a powerful and complete CRM system designed for all types of organisations. This partnership aims to revolutionise the Nordic membership organisation sector by streamlining payment processes, boosting conversion rates, and providing peace of mind. Let’s dive into the details and benefits of this groundbreaking integration. 


The seamless payment integration between Waytobill and Upright

As a leading provider of local payment solutions in the Nordic region, Waytobill has collaborated with Upright, a Swedish CRM platform specialised in non-profit organisations. The integration brings together Waytobill’s seamless payment options and Upright’s comprehensive membership system, allowing organisations to seamlessly collect fees or maximise fundraising efforts while eliminating the need for time-consuming manual processes that hinder conversion rates. With just a few clicks, Upright users can seamlessly sign up new members or donors for monthly payments or donations through Waytobill’s Digital Autogiro. Together, we streamline the registration process, remove entry barriers, and make it easier than ever for supporters to contribute to their favourite causes or pay fees. 

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The integration: an answer to organisations’ struggles

Membership organisations share a common challenge; they all collect membership fees (and in some cases donations). Recognising the need for innovative payment methods, organisations are seeking alternatives to traditional annual bank transfers. Waytobill’s local direct debit solutions (including Digital Autogiro and AvtaleGiro) have gained traction among Nordic organisations. They allow clubs and associations to convert website visitors into recurringly paying members or donors. Interested users can sign up for memberships or make donations online, utilising Waytobill’s embedded online checkout on the organisation’s website.

By leveraging Waytobill’s Digital Autogiro, Upright’s users get to maximise their fundraising and membership conversion efforts. They can close more sales directly at the point of sale, eliminating time-consuming manual processes, like filling out lengthy paper forms and complicated signing procedures. Apart from saving valuable time, the integration increases conversion rates, resulting in higher donation volumes, augmenting membership sign-ups and improving customer lifetime value.

Real-time management and reporting with Waytobill and Upright

A key benefit of the Waytobill-Upright integration is the streamlined management of recurring payments. Upright’s users can view updated payment statuses in real-time as payment information synchronises automatically between the two systems. The Upright membership system provides instant access to all relevant information, empowering sales teams to follow up on incomplete checkouts and missing payments or build member relationships by reaching out to onboard new members. 

This integration not only simplifies processes but also provides a competitive edge for merchants in the sector. A positive registration or donation experience, coupled with the elimination of manual processes attracts more members and donors. Onboarding becomes quick and efficient, requiring no additional effort from technical teams. Sales agents can continue using their preferred system without the need to switch between tools to monitor order statuses. 

The collaboration between Waytobill and Upright aims to deliver top-quality service and support to organisations utilising the new payment solution.

“Our engineering teams continually monitor and enhance the integration, ensuring organisations can manage subscriptions effectively and with ease. We are committed to providing the best tools and support to make the payment process seamless for organisations, allowing them to focus on their core mission”, says Alejandro Pino, Waytobill’s CTO. 

Membership organisations already using Upright as their CRM can easily offer Digital Autogiro to their customers and monitor order statuses from within their CRM immediately. To learn more about the integration or start using it, reach out to us today!

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