How Telesales Agencies Help Charities and NGOs Convert More Donors

How Telesales Agencies Help Charities and NGOs Convert More Donors

Planning to run a telemarketing campaign to convert more donors and maximise fundraising? Learn about telesales agencies and how they can help your cause.

In the ever-changing world of digital solutions, organisations are constantly seeking new ways to connect with prospects and effectively convert them into donors. However, developing a strategy that converts, and choosing tools that guarantee straightforward donor acquisition and retention, in many cases, can be more challenging than expected. As a non-profit organisation’s manager looking to boost donations, you understand that achieving your goal requires a full commitment to strategy and research. 

Telemarketing campaigns are still a powerful tactic for generating leads and sales. However, launching a telemarketing campaign is quite often a step into the unknown but usually, the right direction as telesales campaigns work out for the majority of organisations that try them out. 

Before planning to assemble an internal telemarketing team, it may be worth running your campaigns with the help of an experienced telemarketing agency, especially if you’re not familiar with telesales, if it’s been a while since your last telemarketing campaign, or if you have a limited budget or an occasional telemarketing campaign to run. A professional telesales agency will help take the phone-making burden off your shoulders, while you can focus on evaluating the results.

Read on because, in this blog post, we’ll explore why telesales agencies are a great choice for your telemarketing campaign and how they can help your organisation generate more leads and obtain more donations. 

1. Professionalism: experienced telesales agents know how to steer the conversation in the right direction

Telesales agencies hire experienced professionals, highly skilled and trained in lead generation, sales closing and customer relations. They are experts in handling customers’ queries and objections and providing them with the required information. Some of them are even trained in a particular sector, for example, there are agents specialised in charity donation solicitations. In addition, these telesales agents are familiar with local laws and regulations applying to telemarketing fundraising, for example, in Sweden they know and follow the Kontakta guidelines


2. Access to effective telesales systems and various payment methods 

As a skilled expert in your field, you are well aware of the tools that work best for your organisation and its needs. Similarly, telemarketing agents work with efficient and agile telesales systems, designed to maximise productivity and drive results for your telemarketing campaign. 

Another aspect that greatly contributes to the success of your campaigns managed by telesales agencies is their access to various payment methods. For example, some agencies use telesales systems integrated with Waytobill’s telesales payment plugin, enabling them to collect payments from prospective donors during the call. This allows agents to close sales and hand back closed deals, instead of generating leads that require follow-ups.

3. Cost-effective telemarketing campaigns

As mentioned earlier in this article, outsourcing your telesales campaigns can be a strategic move. This option is cost-effective because it eliminates the need to hire and maintain an in-house telesales team, with all the associated fixed salaries, benefits, overhead costs, and potential training expenses. On the other hand, telemarketing agencies typically operate on a commission basis, allowing for flexibility in managing both short and long-term campaigns. This makes outsourcing a smart choice for cutting costs without the commitment of hiring full-time employees, while still maximizing results depending on your current budget. 


4. Save time by opting for telesales agencies

“Time is money” is an age-old and truthful saying. If you’re not a seasoned telesales agent, imagine how much effort and time it would take to successfully conduct a sale over the phone. Instead of allocating time and resources to lead generation and sales closing, outsource your telemarketing campaign and let experienced telesales agents do what they’re best at. By doing so, you and your team can focus on other tasks and aspects crucial for your operations while the telesales agency handles the telemarketing efforts. 


5. Reach more prospects 

While you may have a list of potential leads to target with your telemarketing campaign, telesales agencies often have access to a larger database of potential customers or donors. Leveraging their expertise, they can generate new leads and close sales, expanding your campaign’s reach. This increased reach can help you accomplish objectives that wouldn’t be possible without the help of a telesales agency. 


6. Flexibility: use telesales agencies’ services only when you need them

As we’ve mentioned before, hiring and managing your own telesales team comes with training and overhead costs. In cases where organisations regularly run telemarketing campaigns, it may be worth putting together your own team in the long run. However, for occasional telesales campaigns, outsourcing to a telesales agency can be more cost-effective. These agencies are flexible and can work on long-term contracts or short-term projects, depending on your organisation’s needs. With the flexibility to pause telemarketing campaigns and halt telesales expenses, your organisation can easier adapt to changing business needs and market conditions.


Telemarketing agencies specialised in donation solicitations for non-profit organisations

At Waytobill, we’re lucky enough to work with numerous non-profit organisations and get to know their telemarketing strategies, goals, and hopes. Through some of our collaborations, we got to know telemarketing agencies that specialise in fundraising for non-profit organisations. These agencies are made up of experienced agents familiar with guidelines, laws, and regulations, and they’re fantastic conversation makers that easily connect with the person on the other side of the line. Additionally, they’ve been using telesales systems integrated with Waytobill’s payment solutions, which means they’re able to hand back closed deals rather than leads. Here are some of the most efficient agencies in the Nordic market:



Founded in 1995, Loyalty is one of the leading telemarketing agencies in Sweden and Norway. With more than 360 experienced agents, the company has three core values that permeate all its campaigns: honesty, security, and structure. Loyalty’s agents have extensive experience in fundraising projects, having worked with almost all major organisations in Norway. They’re specialised in donation solicitations, converting leads, reconverting, win backs, welcome calls, and reactivation, as well as value-adding activities, like increasing donation sum or updating donor’s information directly in the organisation’s CRM, helping you establish a secure relationship with your donors. 


Call-Up is a provider of high-quality sales and call centre services, working with all sizes of customers throughout Sweden. With sales experience since 1996, Call-Up is a well-established telemarketing company collaborating with leading brands in various industries. The main focus of the agency and its award-winning salespeople is to deliver excellent sales results. 


Effective Communication

As an established Swedish marketing agency, Effective Communication has closed more than 1,2 million sales with the help of more than 300 agents. The agency has received numerous industry awards for its outstanding results. Additionally, they're a proud supporter of non-profit organisations. 



Becksmo Kommunication are telemarketing experts specialising in fundraising, helping non-profit organisations to maximise their fundraising efforts. Founded in 2017, the agency collaborates with around 40 Swedish NGOs and has clear insider knowledge of fundraising in Sweden. 


Opting for the services provided by telesales agencies is an excellent way to maximise fundraising and reach your objectives. Would you like to ask us about our solutions for charities? Contact us!

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