Telemagic Group & Waytobill: Solution for Common Telesales Limitations

Telemagic Group & Waytobill: Solution for Common Telesales Limitations

Teleagents are skilled in closing sales–but they need in-call payment collection tools. Waytobill brings a telesales solution to Telemagic Group's users.

Selling over the phone can be a daunting task even for the most experienced telesales agents. From dealing with gatekeepers to overcoming objections, telesales requires unique skills that can be difficult to master. But even the most skilled telesales representatives face another challenge that can hinder their success: the payment process. 

Too often, a sale that was painstakingly won over the phone is lost when the customer is directed to a separate payment platform, asked to mail a cheque, fill in a form for direct debit or do a bank transfer. According to our data, merchants lose between 50 and 80% of orders after the client has committed to the purchase. But what if there was a way to seamlessly integrate telesales and payment processing, removing friction from the sales process and improving conversion rates? That’s exactly what the Waytobill and Telemagic Group integration offers, and in this post, we’ll explore how it can help your business to close more sales over the phone

Common limitations of telesales systems

Outbound dialer systems are a godsend when it comes to dialling dozes or sometimes hundreds of phone numbers every day. Apart from allowing for increased agents’ productivity, they also mitigate errors that are likely to happen when manually typing in the digits on a keyboard. As powerful as they are when it comes to call management, telesales systems have some limitations, especially in terms of payment processing. The most common are the following:

  • Increased friction in the sales process: if a telesales agent cannot take payments over the phone, the sales process becomes more complicated and time-consuming for both, the representative and the customer. The agent might have to ask the client to use various platforms or tools and follow up with the prospect multiple times, which may lead to frustration, loss of interest and therefore lost sales.
  • Reduced conversion rates: asking customers to complete payments through different platforms, by mailing a cheque, filling out a direct debit form or doing a bank transfer creates additional barriers to completing a sale. Some leads may simply forget to complete the payments, while others may find the whole process too time-consuming and complicated.
  • Limited visibility into sales and payment data: without an integrated system for managing both telesales and payment, it can be difficult for businesses to track the progress of their sales efforts, meaning that agents don’t know which customers they should follow up with.
  • Increased risk of payment errors: when payment processing is handled separately from telesales, there is a greater risk of payment errors or discrepancies. This can lead to delayed payments, customer frustration, and even chargebacks. 

In order to mitigate all these problems, organisations and brands that strongly rely on telesales, opt for third-party integrations that provide a wide range of options and capabilities from within their preferred telesales systems. One of the best examples is the Waytobill telesales plugin integrated with various telesales systems, including the Telemagic Group software.


Why integrate Telemagic Group’s telesales system with Waytobill

Combining telesales and payment systems offers a wide range of benefits for organisations and businesses and customers alike. By integrating payment plugins with your preferred outbound call centre system, you get access to all the add-ons from within the sales system that you’re familiar with. Simply said, you get to use your telesales system but with new functionalities and options. 

By integrating Waytobill’s telesales plugin with the Telemagic telesales system, you get to:

  • Streamline sales processes: integrating telesales and payment systems can help to simplify the sales process by allowing customers to make payments while on the call, without having to share personal and payment details with the agent. 
  • Improve customer experience: allowing customers to complete secure transactions while on the phone highly improves the overall customer experience as they don’t have to switch between apps or set up bank transfers. On the other hand, improved customer experience has a direct impact on customer loyalty and satisfaction which again encourages repeat business.
  • Increase efficiency: integrate your telesales system with Waytobill to eliminate the need for manual data entry and reduce the number of touchpoints in the sales process. Additionally, agents can create orders directly from the telesales system they’re familiar with, which means there’s no need to switch between different software. 
  • Improve conversion rates: according to Waytobill’s data, outdated and complicated payment methods are one of the main reasons for customer drop-offs. By offering customers the option to securely complete the transaction, you get to improve your results.
  • Enhance data tracking: by integrating the Waytobill telesales plugin with Telemagic, you can track order status in real time, directly from the orders section in your telesales system. If you spot unpaid orders, just reach out to customers to follow up or provide more information on how to complete the payment. The integration also provides greater visibility into the sales and payment data, helping you identify trends and patterns in customer behaviour and allowing for data-driven decisions. 
  • Reduce the risk of errors: when payments are processed directly within the telesales system, there is a lower risk of errors or discrepancies in payment processing; there is no need for agents to collect long card or account numbers, while customers don’t have to fill out any forms with this data either. 

Waytobill’s telesales plugin is now integrated with Telemagic Group’s telesales system! This means that as a Telemagic user, you can now access Waytobill’s telesales checkout directly from your go-to telesales system. 

autogiro payment flow from a telesales system integrated with waytobill

Are you looking for real use cases of the Waytobill payment plugin? Check out our use cases and discover how the telesales plugin helps organisations maximise fundraising and sales. 

As you can see, by using the Waytobill telesales plugin in your Telemagic account is a great way to streamline payments and increase conversion rates. Apart from offering a seamless payment method, you also get to boost retention and customer lifetime value–at the end of the day, that’s what recurring payments are all about! Don’t hesitate to reach out to us and ask for a product demo or more information–we’re also ready to integrate with any other telesales system! 


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