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Solving conversion problems in telesales with UX&UI - Interview with our designer Justyna

Find out how UX & UI can help you deliver more valuable products to your customers, while at the same time getting to know our UX & UI Designer, Justyna.

We bring back our Meet the Team Series! And this time together with our designer, Justyna, we’ll dive into the UX & UI ocean. Learn about Justyna’s role at Waytobill, how UX & UI is applied in our business, and how it helps solve conversion problems in the telesales industry.

Meet Justyna, our UX & UI Designer

Justyna was born in Poland, but she currently lives abroad, which haven’t always been easy. Take her surname, for example, Ziolkowska, and try saying that without pausing. You can’t? Me neither. She always laughs about how us non-Polish speaking people can’t seem to figure out how to say her surname, because, for us, it just looks like a Google-generated password. But, enough about Justyna’s surname now.

Justyna joined the Waytobill team pretty early on after the company was founded. Before that, she worked within sales and marketing for several big brands such as Unilever, Volkswagen, and Tesla. Oh, and she’s also got a double Master’s degree in Business Communications and International Business, in other words, she was a very busy woman during her uni studies.

But now we’re all wondering; how does a Business major end up as a UX & UI designer? Justyna answered; “At Tesla, I got so close to the top-notch tech that I wanted to explore it more and work on projects that make tech more human”. This is when she found UX & UI, which combines her business knowledge with technology. After winning a tech scholarship from Electronic Arts, she went to the UX & UI design Bootcamp at Ironhack. Now, she could finally direct her career to UX & UI design. “I moved into fintech with Waytobill where I’m making sure that the products we design and develop are responding to customer needs and have a good link between our merchants and their customers”.

What’s the role of a UX & UI designer at Waytobill?

Justyna explained that the role consists of two parts; “My role in Waytobill is to make sure that the product we deliver, which is the telesales checkout, is designed in a way that for the customers it’s going to be easy to use, smooth, fast and hassle-free. And on the other side, that all the information from the payment process is being delivered to merchants' sales systems in a consistent way”. At Waytobill, we have two platforms that we deliver as part of our product. There’s the telesales checkout that we, as you know, always rave about, but then there’s also the merchant area which is the platform our clients. So yes, Justyna has a lot of ground to cover when it comes to the design.

Apart from the visual design of our product, there is the inner part which includes a lot of research. Justyna explains: “The UX (user-experience) part of my job is focused on research and this is where I as a designer have to understand the market, our clients (in this case merchants), their customers and the specific industry of telesales.” And that’s not all, she also knows a lot about all actors around Waytobill, such as telesales centres, call centres and their products. “This knowledge is crucial to make informed decisions about the design of the Waytobill’s products”.

What is UX & UI design?

I asked Justyna to describe UX & UI, and she referred to a definition from the Nielsen Norman Group: “it combines all aspects of the end-users interaction with the company, its services and its products.” “It mentions users interaction which is important,” she said. The interaction in digital products focuses on how human beings communicate with a machine. Although it sounds weird at first, it makes more sense when you realize this interaction is something we do every day, for example when pushing different buttons and switches on a screen. Justyna points out the importance of knowing not only how the user interaction works, but also including in the design process knowledge about the company and its products or services. She said that “In UX you gather feedback and insights from users and use them as a base for the design of the product … But, it also has to have a consideration of company goals and the state of the market in order to satisfy all of the aspects”.

What about the UI? Well, this is where the actual communication between a person and the digital product happens. On a daily basis, we all use this communication, whether it’s through our phone, laptop, or even a coffee machine with a touchscreen. This user interface consists of many factors, such as accessibility aspects, different sizes of elements, how they are placed, different colours etc. There are many details that need to be considered and designed correctly to ensure smooth interaction. Lastly, Justyna points out that; “The best user interface is the one that people don’t notice that they use”.

How is UX & UI design applied at Waytobill?

Justyna begins by stressing out; “What we are building, the telesales checkout, is very specific. It’s not exactly like any checkout you would find on the internet, because the context of use is different”. What this means is that the customer gets in contact with our product after being called by the merchant, usually a telesales agent. Justyna explained that this makes it important for her to understand the context to design a product the customer feels confident about using. And as previously mentioned, this also involves a lot of research on Justyna’s behalf. For example about telesales, payments, specific customers and merchants, subscription businesses and models, omnichannel trends, well you probably get the point by now, the list goes on.

Continuing on the omnichannel trend, this was something important to include in the offer for the merchants to be able to use the checkout in different channels so all their needs will be covered with our product. As Justyna explains, this is how our omnichannel product was born; “During my marketing research, we found a trend of the omnichannel approach, meaning that customers expect to be contacted through a channel they choose. For some, it will be a call, for others email, chat or a WhatsApp message… How can we serve our customers with that need? How can we bring up this feature to Waytobill’s product to help our merchants?” This meant that we needed a flexible, easy to initiate checkout that can be used in channels where the customer information isn’t provided through the dialer or telesales company as in our main solution. Knowing this, Justyna worked on figuring out the best way to design and optimize this experience while at the same time including more manual input from the customer, in a way that would be easy for them.

User research is also an important part of Justyna’s work at Waytobill. Gathering feedback during interviews and testing sessions with users is a great way to learn how end customers use our products, especially in the context of telesales and online payments. At Waytobill, we gather data about how people use our checkout, in order to continuously improve our product. This process is a key element of UX & UI design because it should never be seen as a one time task. We adapted this process of continuously learning, improving and testing over and over to make sure that Waytobill’s checkout is the best product our merchants can use to bill their customers.

Why should you as a company bother with UX & UI?

UX & UI brings value to all companies, whether you are a telesales agency, merchant, dialer or payment service provider. Justyna confirms; “It is an important part to understand your customers, what they need, empathize with them and listen to them”. Knowing this, you would think that companies gladly hire UX & UI designers, right? Actually, it can be quite difficult to prioritise UX & UI. Justyna mentioned; “It’s sometimes hard to convince stakeholders to go into UX & UI because it requires budget and time.”. However, she shared an interesting story about what happens when UX & UI is done correctly: ”Whenever I come with research insights I often see this “aha moment” when stakeholders or the team get users feedback. It gives them a new point of view of the product, strategy and business in general.” At Waytobill, we see how valuable that information is. It can, however, be difficult to run UX & UI projects in smaller companies. Justyna explained; “This is why it’s important to work with providers that have UX & UI processes in place, so they know that the product or service they deliver is what their customers need and will be happy to use”.

What influence does UX & UI have on telesales businesses?

In general, telesales doesn’t have the best reputation. Justyna said; “This is something we’ve seen in our research” and she continues; “I found that some people were asked the card details through the phone, which is very dangerous in the eyes of the final customer”. This is quite alarming, as the customers admit that they don’t know how their information is being handled. Another old fashioned way of charging telesales customers is with a paper invoice, which arrives quite sometime after the call, so customers would have already forgotten about the purchase and how to proceed. Justyna explains; “It’s another avoidable and tiresome step for the customer” and continues; “This is why our telesales checkout was born”. We believe that our solution is improving the bad reputation of telesales by providing an easy-to-use checkout that delivers a user-friendly payment experience. Justyna also added; “The easier the payment system is, and the better it’s been tested and designed, the easier it is to get the customer through the process and improve the conversion rate”.

How UX & UI is bringing value to the company

Justyna answered this question by saying that; “At Waytobill, the team believes in the value that UX & UI provides. That way, we make decisions based on research, not opinions. It helps us build innovative products and improve over time … and this is for me the biggest value UX & UI design provides - to see how customer’s feedback helps us build a better payment solution that solves a real problem. This is also what brings me lots of joy in my work”.

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