Waytobill at Kontaktadagen 2023: the Realm of Telecommunications
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Waytobill at Kontaktadagen 2023: the Realm of Telecommunications

Kontaktadagen is the biggest telecommunications conference in Sweden. Learn about the 2023 edition and discover key takeaways shared by our team members.

Kontaktadagen, held in Stockholm, the annual event organised by Kontakta Sverige is the biggest conference of the year within the digital customer service and remote sales industries. On May 25, 2023, our CEO Magnus Bendelin, and Head of Sales, Christian Ivarsson, attended the event, where they embraced a day of networking and knowledge sharing.

The conference brought together professionals who sought to explore innovative strategies and forge meaningful connections within the industry. Kontaktadagen was not merely a gathering for sales-focused activities but rather places a strong emphasis on fostering relationships and facilitating the exchange of expertise

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During the day full of educational seminars and talks, our team gained meaningful insights about top trends and potential challenges in the telecommunications industry:


1. The volume of phone calls is increasing

Despite the rise of digital channels, telesales remains a pivotal component in sales and customer support. Interestingly, while the volume of phone calls continues to increase, the focus has shifted from cold calling to warm calls. Companies have noticed an increase in potential customers starting the relationship by, for example, filling out online forms or signing petitions. This creates a much more positive customer experience and allows businesses to establish more personalised and targeted connections with prospective clients. 


2. Data-driven and AI-based call analysis on the rise

Data-driven insights and AI-based call analysis emerged as popular trends within both sales and customer support. Through sophisticated AI algorithms, sales teams can identify key performance indicators without having to listen to every call individually. AI systems facilitate call monitoring by transcribing and analysing calls, highlighting trends and successful sales techniques, including powerful keywords. This internal tool proved instrumental in setting higher goals and facilitating staff training, enabling sales teams to deliver optimal performance


3. Chatbots and voice recognition don’t provide optimal customer support

Over recent years, we’ve seen a huge increase in chatbot and voice recognition usage. While useful in many areas, these modern tools often fall short of expectations when it comes to customer support. Organisations striving to establish positive customer relationships should opt for enhanced human interactions. By prioritising customer satisfaction, businesses can bridge the gap between technological advancements and seamless customer experience. 


4. The importance of Kontakta Sverige when it comes to EU regulations

A central theme addressed during the conference was the potential impact of proposed EU regulations mandating special numbers or opt-ins for telesales. Such measures could be a potential threat to the telemarketing industry and potentially impede its results. However, Kontakta Sverige, an influential industry and interest organisation is working with politicians to rather focus on self-regulation that would cultivate a harmonious environment among customers, society and the telemarketing industry rather than implement new laws that could disrupt the industry. 


Kontaktadagen 2023 was a valuable experience for Magnus and Christian who grasped a wealth of new knowledge, as well as networking opportunities and engagement with like-minded professionals. 

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