Introducing Recurring Swish: Revolutionising Recurring Payments with Waytobill

Introducing Recurring Swish: Revolutionising Recurring Payments with Waytobill

Revolutionising Automated Recurring Payments in Sweden with Swish and Waytobill

In a groundbreaking move, Swish is set to revolutionise the landscape of recurring payments in Sweden with the launch of Swish Recurring Payments. This new service seamlessly integrates with the daily lives of consumers, offering an unmatched level of ease for subscriptions, monthly donations, and memberships. Swish boasts unparalleled market penetration, a very strong brand awareness with consumers of all ages, and is appreciated by users for its simplicity. For merchants this means easy onboarding, as well as higher conversion and lower churn rates. The potential for Swish Recurring Payments is nothing short of extraordinary. 

Waytobill, always at the forefront of payment innovation, is excited to partner with Swish to bring this transformative service to our clients. Our collaboration signifies not just the embrace of a new payment method, but a leap towards efficiency and user-friendliness in the recurring payments space.

Swish Recurring Payments operates on a mandate-based model, similar to Autogiro, but with the added benefits of instant payments and a more accessible mandate onboarding and cancellation processes. This service promises to enhance the customer experience significantly, providing immediate payment upon purchase and greater flexibility in managing subscriptions.

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However, the true brilliance of Swish Recurring Payments shines when paired with Waytobill’s comprehensive payment management solutions. Waytobill is uniquely positioned to envelop Swish Recurring Payments within a full suite of services that simplify the merchant's experience. From managing contractual relationships and initiating mandates to handling changes in payment amounts and ensuring continuity in the event of mandate withdrawal, Waytobill offers seamless integration with any sales or CRM system, including payment management capabilities.

Moreover, in anticipation of the varying readiness of banks and the need for alternative payment methods, Waytobill ensures that your business is equipped to handle any scenario. Our API provides access to all Nordic payment methods, making the transition to Swish Recurring Payments as smooth as possible.

For businesses reliant on recurring payments, from insurance to charities, the partnership between Waytobill and Swish opens up new areas of opportunity. Embrace the future of payments with Waytobill and Swish Recurring Payments, where efficiency, simplicity, and customer satisfaction are paramount.

Stay updated with the latest payment technologies and discover how these innovative methods can enhance your transactions in the Nordic countries. For more information and to learn how to optimise your payment processes, feel free to contact us today!


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