How Psoriasisförbundet Leverages Waytobill
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How Psoriasisförbundet Leverages Waytobill's Online Checkout Solution

Find out how a Swedish non-profit organisation, Psoriasisförbundet, leverages Waytobill's online checkout in their fundraising strategy.


Psoriasisförbundet is a Swedish non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting inclusion and well-being for individuals impacted by psoriasis and psoriasis arthritis. Established in 1963, the organisation has evolved over the past 60 years, currently boasting a membership of over 13,000 individuals across 20 counties. With approximately 35 local departments, Psoriasisförbundet remains steadfast in its commitment to supporting and connecting with those affected by psoriasis.


Psoriasisförbundet’s goal and mission

Psoriasisförbundet is dedicated to raising awareness about available treatments within the public health system for individuals affected by psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. Through active engagement with their members, understanding their daily needs, and staying attuned to their requirements, Psoriasisförbundet fosters a two-way dialogue with healthcare authorities and the government. This proactive approach enables the organisation to prioritise and identify areas that require improvement in the overall care and support for those with psoriasis-related conditions. 


In a creative initiative to generate funds and contribute to the community, Psoriasisförbundet operates its lottery, selling approximately 300,000 tickets annually. The organisation’s in-house telemarketing team, comprising approximately 20 fundraisers, drives the sales of lottery tickets, creating a sustainable source of revenue while actively involving the community in supporting their cause. The lottery tickets are sold to individuals aged 18 and above.

What problems was Psoriasisförbundet looking to solve?

Psoriasisförbundet faced the challenge of dispelling the misconception that NGOs solely focus on fundraising, emphasising their role as a grassroots organisation dedicated to supporting psoriasis patients. Efficiently recruiting members and managing monthly donations posed a hurdle, with the existing paper-based consent collection process proving time-consuming and hindering expansion goals. Additionally, Psoriasisförbundet sought a more effective solution for managing their lottery sales. Leo Askeland, Psoriasisförbundet’s Marketing and Fundraising Manager explained, “We needed to find a better solution, and this is where Waytobill came into the picture.”



How Waytobill has helped Psioriasisförbundet

Psoriasisförbundet leveraged Waytobill's online checkout to address their challenges. The solution not only streamlined the recruitment of monthly donors but also automated the invoicing process, eliminating the time-consuming manual tasks associated with paper mandate submissions. “Since we opted for Waytobill’s checkout, all donations are automated and much more valuable since they need practically no time to be processed on our side”, explains Leo and adds how the organisation delivers special UV-measuring cards to all new members, as well as air and water thermometers. 

psoriasisforbundet checkout

“The implementation process was smooth and our customer success manager has helped us with every little detail that needed help.” 

Waytobill’s adaptability was evident in its successful integration with Psoriasisförbundet's lottery sales, leading to a significant increase in subscription numbers. “We had never before succeeded in having a subscription lottery, but now we do with about 40 new subscriptions in the first year.” Despite recognising the need for time to achieve its goals, Psoriasisförbundet aims to continue growing its lottery subscriptions and donor acquisition. Since implementing Waytobill’s online checkout, the organisation experienced a remarkable 150% increase in monthly donors, leading to positive feedback and heightened morale within the organisation.

Psoriasisförbundet expresses satisfaction with the results achieved through Waytobill’s online checkout, anticipating continued growth in their donor and lottery ticket volumes. We at Waytobill, eagerly look forward to witnessing the ongoing success of Psoriasisförbundet’s impactful mission.


Waytobill’s online checkout

Waytobill’s online checkout can be adapted by non-profit organisations, membership organisations, insurance companies, and any other organisation looking to operate with subscriptions. 

The checkout can be embedded on any website or landing page, with the iframe allowing for customisation. 

Customers, donors, clients, or members can sign up for recurring payments, donations, or like in the case of Psoriasisförbundet, lottery tickets, and set up Autogiro (direct debit) mandates that don’t need any further action to be taken. Once set up, automatic payments will be withdrawn from the user’s designated account until cancellation. 

autogiro payment flow

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