Getting Started with Waytobill: the Onboarding Process
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Getting Started with Waytobill: the Onboarding Process

Are you thinking of opting for Waytobill's solutions or wondering what happens after signing the agreement? Here's a walkthrough of the onboarding process!

Are you looking for a new payment solution for your subscription business, membership company, charity organisation, or insurance company? We understand how much of important a decision it is to choose a payment method provider that you can fully trust. Luckily, Waytobill's solutions provide secure and transparent processes for both, merchants and clients. 

So if you’ve discovered our Digital Autogiro, AvtaleGiro, or other payment methods and you’re in the process of deciding whether you want to proceed with us, you might be interested in what would happen next. This is why we’ve decided to share with you the Waytobill onboarding process, step by step!


Onboarding with Waytobill: what happens after signing the agreement?

We know that signing the contract needs time, especially when you’re choosing from among different options. However, some clients conduct thorough research before contacting a potential solution provider. In situations where our clients have it loud and clear that they want to proceed with our solution, they can be up and running within just a few days after contacting us for the first time. 


Our Customer Success Manager will guide you through the onboarding process

Our aim is to help you improve your conversion and retention rates, as soon as possible! That is why our Customer Success Manager, Tomas, will contact you as soon as you sign the agreement. His job is to help you start operating to the best of your ability. Typically, you will be invited by Tomas to a call in which you get to know each other! 

In order to help you take your organisation to the next level, we must understand the idea behind your project. This is where the onboarding form comes into play! 

Here is all the information we will ask you to provide:

  • Branding information: your logo, colours, company description, name of the sender and content for text messages if you use telesales

  • Information about your business: languages, product name, packages, terms and conditions, contact details, and charity language if needed. 

With that simple information, we can set up your payment platform and checkout within a couple of working days. Here’s an example of what a fundraising platform looks like.

[EN] Fundraising platform visual - just iMac@1x

Many companies incorporate QR codes into their fundraising or marketing campaigns, and so they’re often an important part of the onboarding process, too. Apart from generating QR codes for your campaign, our team will share with you examples of how they can be used to generate more traffic to your website, sign-ups or donations. 


Web solutions and integrations for charities and subscription-based businesses

We’ve just explained that small companies with no tech team can get started with us easily. But thanks to APIs we can cater to more sophisticated tech teams, too!

Waytobill is integrated with many telesales systems (for example AlphaOne) and CRMs, and that helps us speed up the onboarding process even further. The integrations help deliver messages vital for our merchants and facilitate information flow from Waytobill to the client’s CRM systems. That is why the very first call with our Customer Success Manager is the key to helping you make the most of Waytobill. By taking us through all your integrations, we get the whole picture of your business and its solutions. 

We continuously listen to our clients and develop the features they need for operational success. So if you use a telesales system or CRM that we’re not integrated with, we can make it happen. All we’d need is some time to integrate with your preferred solutions. 

Why do we do that? Our mission is to help your business thrive and so connecting Waytobill to your systems is crucial for your success. Check out our existing telesales integrations or CRMs and you might be able to already activate Waytobill in your telesales and CRM system. 

Onboarding with Waytobill is as easy and transparent as our checkout solution. From signing the initial agreement and setting everything up, it usually takes a couple of days depending on your preferred solution and integration needs.”  - Tomas Holtet, Customer Success Manager at Waytobill


We help you enter new sales channels and markets to maximise your business 

Have you been planning to test out telesales? Or maybe you think it’s time to develop an online subscription or fundraising platform? The good news is that at Waytobill we can help you enter new sales channels that have the potential to revolutionise your business. 

Some of our merchants don’t have connections with telemarketing or telesales companies. On the other hand, at Waytobill, we have a close relationship with many of those organisations, which means that we can put you in contact with the ones that can best cater to your needs. We help customers enter new sales channels by guiding them through the process and creating new partnerships along the way. 

By operating in various markets, we can help your organisation enter those markets too. We partnered up with some organisations that needed to access the Norwegian market and now Waytobill's checkout is available to any business in Norway, including our current merchants.


We develop new features according to your needs

Our goal is to provide a seamless experience to our merchants and their end-users. For example, the fundraising platform that is now considered one of the most unique Waytobill products was first requested by one of our clients. Together with other customers, we developed the fundraising platform by gathering various rounds of feedback. 

At Waytobill, we’re thrilled to help you drive your business forward by providing you with the features you need. 


Do you have questions about our payment solution? Make sure to contact us

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