The New Digital Autogiro: Take your telemarketing agency to the next level.

Telemarketing agencies should use the advantages of digital autogiro to increase their conversion rate.

In the high competition sector of telemarketing, finding new customers and actually converting them into paid orders is a difficult task. Old-fashioned autogiro paper forms are particularly troublesome for both customers and merchants. By using a simple ready-to-use plugin tool with your sales system, you can sign up leads during the call and immediately convert them into paid orders. So how can a small improvement in the payments checkout help you? Well, the answer might be simpler than what you expect.


Between sales agents and merchants: How to improve that symbiosis?

As a telemarketing agency, your focus is on finding as many orders as possible and handing them to your merchant. So why should whatever happens after bother you? Merchants and telemarketing agencies are sharing a common target. They need people and customers to finish their payments in order to continue their operations. Whether you are a sales agent or a merchant, turning your orders into actual paid orders is crucial. And why? Well, because of quality.

When you as a sales agent hand your orders to your merchants there might be a delay in time, giving space for your potential customers to lose interest and never finish the payments. This affects you since your success as a sales agent is linked to the one of your hiring company. With more paid orders, your long term reliability and quality as an agency would increase at the same time that merchants find telemarketing strategies more cost-efficient. But how can you increase the quality of your leads without compromising the quantity? Easy. The trick is in Autogiro.

The Nightmare of a Non-effective Autogiro Platform

Subscription businesses are more and more popular and you’ve probably seen an enormous increase in this type of request from merchants. However, payment platforms haven't yet been able to come up with effective solutions that can provide you with higher conversion and strong retention. Until now, thanks to Waytobill’s Digital Autogiro.

If you are using classic autogiro mandates you know that small errors in the long administrative-messy process might end up with you losing the customer and severely harming your conversion rate, leading to less quality and, obviously, less profit.

Because of this, as an agency, you might have decided not to use autogiro and opt for another recurring payment option such as invoice which we all know is less than optimal when it comes to retention.

So, how can you actually use customers' favourite recurring payment method without having to deal with any of this?

1- Convert them directly.

Thanks to Waytobill’s Digital Autogiro feature, you can sign up customers directly without paper forms or hand them over to the merchant. This will increase your conversion rate since you are signing them up directly during the call. No administrative fuzz. One-click, no mess.

2- Minimise the effort.

Being a sales agent is not easy. People can be rude and processes can get messy. That’s why it's important to have a user-friendly platform that doesn’t give you a hard time and that just makes your work much smoother. Waytobill plugs into your system directly, avoiding any learning curve or messing around with your already working strategy.

3- Avoid errors.

Ensure that everything is working smoothly with an account number lookup integrated into your payment solution. Thanks to this feature in Waytobil’s Digital Autogiro, you can make sure your customer’s account number is correct while proceeding to the payment, erasing any friction and making the process effortless.

As you can see, there is much to gain from a simple improvement in your payment process. Ensure your paid orders and keep the control with a low effort change that can take your agency to the next level.

If you want to learn more about how to optimise your payment process and increase conversion, visit Waytobill and book a free demo!

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