Waytobill, Digital Autogiro Solution Provider, Teams Up with 21grams
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Waytobill, Digital Autogiro Solution Provider, Teams Up with 21grams

Waytobill and 21grams have teamed up to help non-profits and charities convert occasional donors into recurring supporters with the help of Digital Autogiro.

Waytobill teams up with 21grams to help charities improve conversion rates and donor lifetime value

At Waytobill, we're thrilled to announce our new partnership with 21grams, a cost-effective communication and post-distribution provider. The collaboration aims to digitalise the registration process of charitable sector donors acquired through physical communications and augment conversion rates and donor lifetime value. 

21grams is a crucial market player that handles every other letter sent to Swedish households. Their services have been acquired by numerous charities and non-profit organisations that highly value physical communication and relationships established with their audience. By joining our forces, together will now be able to provide a digitalised Autogiro payment solution to recipients of sales letters. That will not only make the donation process smoother but also provide non-profits with the opportunity to increase conversion rates and improve donor lifetime value

“The collaboration between 21grams and Waytobill brings value not only to the organisations using our solution but also to the end user who gets access to a secure, fast, and reliable checkout. That seamless experience benefits the charitable sectors as they acquire new monthly donors but it also appeals to the donors who get to fulfil the natural sense of duty with less hassle”, explains Magnus Bendelin, our CEO.

21grams will print personalised QR codes on sales letters sent out to prospective charity donors. Those interested in becoming a monetary supporter will be able to scan the code with their mobile devices to be then automatically redirected to the charity’s online checkout prefilled with the donor’s personal information. Our Digital Autogiro is a secure and transparent payment method requiring the user to set up the Autogiro mandate via BankID. 

Digital Autogiro crucially reduces the time and effort needed to become a charity donor. Additionally, the increased customer lifetime value and conversion rates allow charities to rely on regular monthly funding which is crucial to non-profit organisations.


21grams invited Waytobill to their stand at Insamlingsforum 2023. Find our what we've learnt at the biggest fundraising conference in Sweden. 

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